What is GoSubmit?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GoSubmit?

GoSubmit is an online platform designed for easy review and management of PDF documents. It offers a centralized dashboard where users can upload PDF files, receive feedback, and track the progress of their projects.

2. What types of documents can I upload in GoSubmit?

GoSubmit primarily focuses on PDF files. However, GoSubmit is currently expanding its platform to accommodate other types of documents.

3. How does GoSubmit enhance the review process?

GoSubmit uses a combination of advanced tools to streamline the review process. Features such as comment capture, filtering, reply-only mode, and progress tracker make gathering feedback and tracking comment closure progress easy and efficient.

4. How can GoSubmit be utilized as a progress tracker app?

GoSubmit comes with an embedded progress tracker that allows you to track the comments and status of your documents effectively. You can monitor the project status and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

5. Do I need to download a PDF viewer to use GoSubmit?

No, GoSubmit is a web-based platform that eliminates the need for additional pdf viewer or adobe reader software. It provides a viewer to visualize your uploaded PDF documents.

6. Can GoSubmit replace my current PDF reader?

GoSubmit is a PDF review and management platform rather than a traditional pdf reader. While it does have PDF viewing capabilities, its primary function is to enhance the process of getting your PDF documents reviewed and managing feedback effectively.

7. What makes GoSubmit different from any free PDF reader online?

While most free pdf readers only offer viewing and minor editing options, GoSubmit is more than just a pdf reader online. It provides comprehensive PDF reviewing and managing capabilities, including structured feedback and comment tracking.

8. Is there a free version of GoSubmit available?

Yes, GoSubmit does offer a free version. However, some advanced features may only be available on the paid version.

9. How easy is it to edit pdf online using GoSubmit?

GoSubmit does not directly allow PDF editing, but it greatly simplifies the process of receiving editing suggestions. Reviewers leave comments and feedback directly on your uploaded documents which you can then implement in your primary editing software.

10. Is GoSubmit beneficial for file management?

Absolutely. With GoSubmit, you can easily organize, sort, and filter documents into collections for a straightforward file management experience.

11. Are my documents secured with GoSubmit?

Yes, document security is a priority for GoSubmit. Your documents are stored in a secure location and access is controlled and granted only to the approved recipients.

12. Can multiple reviewers review the same document at the same time?

Yes, multiple reviewers can access and review the same document simultaneously in real-time, making GoSubmit a perfect tool for collaborative projects.

13. How is time management incorporated into GoSubmit?

GoSubmit offers practical tools like timestamp due dates for improved time management in your projects. You will be able to set timelines and easily track your project’s progress over time.

14. Can I integrate GoSubmit with other tools?

Currently, GoSubmit stands as a standalone service. However, the team is continuously improving the platform and the ability to integrate with other software could be on the horizon.

15. How can I use GoSubmit for document control?

GoSubmit serves as a comprehensive document control manager. You can easily upload PDF files or other documents, set timelines for review, notify multiple reviewers at once, allow reply-only mode, and track progress all through the platform.

16. How does GoSubmit improve the document management process?

GoSubmit uses powerful tools to streamline the process of document management. It allows seamless document upload and provides a platform for efficient collaboration with reviewers. It also offers features like categorization, filtering, and the use of timestamp due dates for efficient management.

17. Can I bulk upload PDF files on GoSubmit?

Yes, GoSubmit allows users to bulk upload PDF files. Once uploaded, these files can be easily sorted and categorized as per your convenience using GoSubmit’s document management tools.

18. What kind of filtering and search capabilities does GoSubmit offer?

GoSubmit offers advanced search capabilities, enabling users to locate specific comments by user, content, replies, and status. This feature greatly simplifies the task of tracking the comment closure progress, helping ensure nothing gets overlooked during the review process.

19. Is GoSubmit suitable for managing multiple projects at the same time?

Yes. GoSubmit is designed to accommodate multiple projects, allowing you to sort and organize all your files into different collections using various filters. This makes it an ideal solution for managing multiple projects or collaborating with different teams.

20. How does reply-only mode work in GoSubmit?

Reply-only mode is a special feature of GoSubmit that restricts reviewers to only respond to the comments or feedback you’ve provided. This feature offers creators more control over the feedback process and helps to maintain a focused and structured conversation.

21. How does GoSubmit ensure timely reviews?

GoSubmit comes with a built-in timestamp due date feature that allows users to set clear deadlines for document reviews. This ensures that all reviewers provide their comments and feedback within a specified timeline, promoting efficient communication and timely project completion.

22. How efficient is GoSubmit in tracking comment closure progress?

GoSubmit comes with an advanced comment-tracking feature that allows you to effortlessly monitor the status of each comment. With its robust filtering and search capabilities, users can quickly locate specific comments, making the tracking and closure process seamless and efficient.

23: How secure is the GoSubmit platform for turning my ‘word document into pdf’ and vice versa?

At GoSubmit, we prioritize your security above everything else. We leverage state-of-the-art technology to ensure you can convert your documents from word into pdf safely, while also functioning as a reliable pdf viewer. We employ a systematic approach that continually monitors and patches potential threats. Our team diligently maintains the highest standards of security, keeping your data safer than an ‘adobe reader’ or ‘acrobat reader’.

24: How can I customize my documents on the GoSubmit platform?

GoSubmit offers a unique enterprise solution that comes ready to use, with full flexibility to offer bespoke solutions for your teams. It allows you to turn a word document into a pdf, review it in our free pdf reader, mark up and make alterations, and, ultimately, edit the pdf online with utmost ease. This way, we make your ‘pdf online’ journey utterly comfortable and personalized.

25: What type of mark-up tools are available in the GoSubmit enterprise solution?

GoSubmit’s enterprise solution provides comprehensive full annotation and mark-up support. It’s built on the best mark-up frameworks available in the market, allowing you to edit pdf online with utmost precision. The features range from basic formatting to advanced editing tools, letting you easily manage the progress with our progress tracker app. Whether you’re converting a doc to pdf or utilizing our free pdf reader, GoSubmit provides a seamless experience to boost your productivity.

26: How does the comment tracking and document control work on GoSubmit?

On GoSubmit, you are privy to an intuitive dashboard that makes comment tracking and document control a hassle-free process. Our online document management system exhibits real-time charting capabilities letting you visualize and closely monitor the status of comments. You can easily ensure timely closure, track progress using our robust progress tracker, even export comments and replies to Excel for additional analysis or record-keeping. GoSubmit endeavors to streamline your feedback management, upholding a structured review process for project management documents.

27: How can GoSubmit assist in efficient PDF management and document submission?

GoSubmit revolutionizes the document submission process by eliminating traditional communication bottlenecks like endless email chains and back-and-forth commentary. Experience the paradigm shift into a streamlined communication procedure with our document control manager. It provides a centralized dashboard, where you can effortlessly manage submissions, track comments closure progress, and have full dominion over the feedback process. You can, for instance, seamlessly convert from pdf to word or word to pdf, using our free pdf reader. With our PDF management system, say goodbye to scattered email communication and embrace an efficient document review process.

28: How does GoSubmit ensure seamless team collaboration and document management?

At GoSubmit, we wholly understand that effective team collaboration is key for streamlined document management. Our online platform offers a centralized dashboard that gathers all your conversations and document revisions in one place. Track your progress using our progress tracker app, manage feedback, review pdf online, and control document versions without having to toggle through countless emails. Simplifying your documents from a pdf to word or word into pdf, using our free pdf system, has never been easier. GoSubmit enhances teamwork efficacy by providing tools for proficient project management and document review.

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