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Put an End to Email Clutter. Seamlessly Manage Feedback and Track Progress from Clients with Our User-Friendly Dashboard.


Set Review Timeframe’s

Upload PDFs, Organize Work, Set Due Dates. Streamline Your Workflow – Join Now!

Step 1

Ready to send PDF’s to your client? Click create and add your files and submission details. Sort and package your files into collections.

Step 2

Add your reviewers details and provide the email and due date for responses. Include settings such as comment type and allow downloads.

Step 3

Capture comments and responses within set timeframe’s. Filter by document, page, name or date.

Customer Reviews


A range of testimonials from our happy customers across a variety of industries and use cases.

Eliza Weber

Content Writer

I love how GoSubmit simplifies collaboration with my team. The comment closure progress tracking keeps everyone accountable, and the platform streamlines our feedback loop seamlessly.


Danial Chen


It saves me so much time and effort. I can easily upload and send multiple documents, and the timestamp due dates ensure efficient communication with my clients. It’s a must-have tool!


Rachel Clark

Legal counsel

It has taken my document review process to the next level. I can easily manage comments, track progress, and export summaries. It’s efficient, professional, and highly effective!”



Use Cases

Gosubmit: Empowering freelancers to upload, collaborate, streamline workflow, ensuring productivity and success


Mia Taylor

Marketing Consultant

Gosubmit empowers marketing consultants: streamline feedback, gather client input, track changes, enhance communication for effective campaign management in a controlled document environment.

Mark Johnson


Gosubmit streamlines architect workflow: central document control, collaboration, tracking for efficient project completion, simplifying processes and enhancing document management.

Olivia Mitchell

Social Media Manager

Gosubmit streamlines social media management with a central platform for content review, collaboration, and execution, enhancing project control and efficiency.


Pricing Plans

We offer a range of plans to suit businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations.


$0 (free)


1 Project

Unlimited Reviewers

10MB of storage

* 30 day review window




5 Projects

Unlimited Reviewers

250 MB of storage

Priority email support




6+ Project

Unlimited Reviewers

1 GB of storage

Live Chat Support

Streamlined document management

Bulk uploaded PDF’s and collate into groups for simplicity

Gosubmit revolutionises freelancer project tracking and client feedback, streamlining the entire process in one consolidated platform. 

Effortlessly track comments, boost collaboration. Use filters for targeted feedback search. Stay organized, never miss tasks. Streamline comments and document workflows with Gosubmit’s tools!

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